The 5 accounts to follow to know if UX is for you (or not)

UX is a fairly new field of design, but is drawing an increasing amount of people, much like myself, to pivot from their own design fields, or even convert from something entirely different, to UX and UI design. Digital experiences can be just as, if not more diverse than physical ones and so the field is understandably an attractive prospect to many the creative soul.

You can trawl articles for hours to learn more, but chances are, you are a visual learner such as myself. Whilst teaching myself UX over the past year or so, I have found some really engaging accounts, with most having both a YouTube and Instagram presence. The main advantage of these sources is that the videos are perfect for coffee breaks and regular posters have a way of conveniently inspiring you at the right time in your project.

I recommend creating an Instagram account dedicated to following and posting all things UX to keep the social and work separate. With many questions to be answered when you are first starting out, its hard to know what sources are worth your time. I have compiled my top 5 accounts to follow to help navigate the world of UX/UI design and get your dream digital design job!

AJ and Smart

AJ and Smart are a design agency based in Berlin, and have worked with some huge companies, through their UX design and workshopping. Many of their videos feature their CEO Jonathan Courtney and they regularly post engaging content, from stand-out approaches to landing a role as a new designer to Figma essentials.

AJ and Smart Youtube
AJ and Smart Instagram


Christine Chun has a fun an light-hearted presence on both YouTube and Instagram, showcasing her beautiful illustration skills alongside her UX expertise. Christine has worked at some great companies including most recently Facebook. Christine explains how she got into UX after studying chemistry at university, showing digital and tech companies value people from all backgrounds. Her channel is a great resource with some honest and reliable advice for those coming from a little further afield than design.

Chunbuns Youtube
Chunbuns Instagram

Zander Whitehurst

Incredibly upbeat Zander has been a favourite for finding resources, you didn't know you needed, when you are starting out and completing self-taught projects. His “3 best…” reels on Instagram are great insights into free resources such as accessibility checkers to design principles. His content is consistent, useful and concise.

Zander Whitehurst Instagram Reels

Zanderwhitehurst Instagram

Career Foundry

Whilst Career Foundry do offer a paid course, the information and tips on their social media as well as their free email short course are good starting points for those starting out with a small budget and want to get to grips with the basics of UX. Their portfolio reviews and advice are also really insightful and address the concerns of designers and their first projects.

Career Foundry YouTube
Career Foundry Instagram


My wildcard pick. Whilst Campbell Walker is himself an Illustrator (definitely check out his drawing challenges too), and not strictly a source of UX information, his video “The drawing advice that saved my life” was something that inspired me to take up the challenge myself. The exercise of drawing every day got me back in touch with what my passions were and gave me more motivation to start a meaningful job search. His other videos range from the deep and meaningful to the hilarious, his positive but realistic outlook is testament to the fact that even if you find UX is not for you, there is something out there that is, you just have to put the work in to find and nurture your strengths.

Struthless Youtube
Struthless Instagram

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